Cash-Based Physical Therapy vs. Insurance-Based: Which is Right for You?

If you’re in need of physical therapy in Jupiter, Florida, you might have heard about the cash-based treatment model that’s rising in popularity. In a cash-based model, a patient and a physical therapist enter into a contract that’s designed to reach the desired goal most efficiently. The patient pays out of pocket for each visit. As a result, the therapist can provide undivided attention throughout the duration of the session.

Cash-based physical therapy is an alternative to the more traditional insurance-based model. In comparing the two options, one might assume that using insurance makes more sense because treatment is covered. But in reality, paying out of pocket ends up costing about the same as going through insurance, if not less.

The problem with insurance-based physical therapy

The insurance-based model lies within the unreasonable amount of power and influence third party payers possess over the quality of care. Their consistent lack of knowledge surrounding medical necessity has caused many Americans to suffer the consequences of controlled care and even worse, denial of care.

In addition, deductibles have risen significantly in recent years, making them nearly impossible to meet without a serious accident or surgery. As a result, this forces those with high deductibles or any deductible to pay co-payments. Co-payments are an out of pocket expense due at the time of care, and are necessary until a person meets the deductible for the year. So yes, you are still paying out of pocket regardless of whom you see.

To make matters worse, insurance companies will often stop paying for further rehab or refuse to pay for treatment that has already been provided to the patient. This is because they consider the services rendered “not medically necessary.” In either situation, the patient will end up suffering a tremendous loss whether that is physically due to the refusal of continued care, or financially when they receive an unexpected bill in the mail.

The appeal of a cash-based model

With cash-based physical therapy, you receive treatment from someone who values quality of care versus how many patients he or she can see. It consists of skilled, hands-on care that is one-on-one for up to an hour. This ensures that you’re getting the full treatment and attention you need to reach your desired goal. Cash based therapists also provide thorough and continuous education throughout the entire recovery process. This helps you to better understand your condition and how to maximize outcomes after discharge from therapy.

Does a cash-based model cost more?

The most common misconception about cash-based physical therapy is that it’s more expensive, but this isn’t necessarily true. For instance: let’s say you’re receiving physical therapy at an insurance-based practice. You pay a $40 copay for each session with no more than 15 minutes of one-on-one hands on care. You receive this three times a week for eight weeks. The total cost of treatment would come to $960 out of pocket.

Compare that with a cash-based practice, where you pay $100 per visit for hour-long one-on-one sessions. You receive more skilled time and attention, so you can achieve results with only two treatments a week for four weeks. The total cost of treatment would come to $800 out of pocket.

In the long run, insurance-based physical therapy actually ends up costing you more than if you were to seek treatment from a cash-based therapist. And in addition to the financial benefits, you will experience an elite and customized standard of care that will accelerate the healing process, saving you time by reducing the amount of appointments necessary to reach your end goal.

Cash-based physical therapy in Jupiter, Florida

Our number one priority at Optimal Physical Therapy and Wellness is to provide first class care to achieve the physical transformations and outcomes necessary to improve overall quality of life. We take pride in our ability to treat each person as a whole and not just as another shoulder, knee, hip, disease or condition.

If you’re in search of physical therapy services in Jupiter, Florida that will value your personal health and provide you with a personalized, one-on-one treatment plan, contact me today at 561-351-1702 to schedule a 20 minute complimentary consultation. I’ll find you the right plan of action that targets your specific goals to get you back into the swing of things!

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