4 Daily Habits That Help to Reduce and Manage Pain

4 Daily Habits That Help to Reduce and Manage Pain

If you’re reading this, there’s probably a good chance it’s because you are currently experiencing pain which may leave you feeling hopeless and frustrated. Maybe you’ve been unsuccessful when trying to address your pain concerns in the past further intensifying your feelings of failure and desperation to heal and get back to the things you once loved. This snowball effect not only alters your ability to lead a pain free lifestyle, but it also negatively influences your mental health.

We want you to understand that pain is a part of life and that you’re not alone, but most importantly that pain is not and does not have to be permanent. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in despair, and certainly don’t let past experiences with ineffective treatment be your last chance at restoring total well-being and happiness.

Creating healthy habits on a daily basis will ultimately increase your ability to manage your pain allowing you to minimize symptoms and maximize your potential. Below are 4 healthy habit-forming practices that everyone should include in their daily routine in order to reach their goals and improve your life.

  1. Exercise: I can’t stress enough how important MOVEMENT is in your day to day life. You may think exercise will make your pain worse, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Your body releases natural endorphins as you exercise that aid in reducing the intensity of pain. However, you should always consult a professional, especially if the onset of symptoms is recent, for the appropriate exercise prescription to achieve the desired hypo-analgesic response.

  1. Nutrition: Maintaining a balanced diet has several health benefits that will allow your body to recover and heal at a faster rate keeping you strong and healthy. Certain foods can actually cause your pain to intensify due to their ability to set off a cascade of inflammatory responses within your body. Eating the right foods and staying adequately hydrated will aid in combating the fight against inflammation as well as assisting in digestion and weight loss, mood and energy enhancement, and also by preventing risk of disease. Contact us to learn more as we can provide you with the nutrition advice and counseling to create the right meal plan to fit your lifestyle needs.

  1. Meditation: High stress levels have been linked to the increase of a hormone called cortisol better known as the “stress hormone.” Increased cortisol production will not only exacerbate your pain symptoms, but will also cause you to gain weight, have increased anxiety, and cause high blood pressure among several other health related issues. That’s why it is so important to nourish your mental health through mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises due to their powerful calming effects through relaxing mind and body together. Take 5-10 minutes each morning or set time aside in your day to implement these relaxation techniques. We also provide meditative, breath work, and yoga practices through our highly trained yoga therapist. Contact us to learn more.

  1. Sleep: Create a routine for yourself and make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep in order to properly function throughout the day. Don’t focus on the typical “8 hours of sleep” rule because not everyone needs the same amount. It’s important to find out what works best for you regarding the amount of sleep you require. Also remember too much sleep is not always a good thing and can actually have negative impacts on your health.


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