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Without Pain, Rest, Medication,  Injections or Surgery


Dr. Angelica Napolitano, PT, DPT

“At Optimal Physical Therapy and Wellness, we take pride in our ability to successfully transform lives by providing our patients with the ultimate first-class experience that will get you back to doing the things you love, with the people you love, without the need for medications or surgery.”

Muscle Aches and Pains? Discover our Services and Packages


Skilled Manual Therapy

Joint & Spinal Manipulation

CBD Provider

TPI Physical Assessment for Golfers

Sport Specific Physical Screenings

Sport Specific Training 

Injury Prevention Training

and More...


Golf Performance Packages

Skilled Therapy Packages


Patient Recommended


"Dr. Napolitano provides the best physical therapy especially for active people over 50. Her attention to your exact needs and customized treatment plan makes it easy to be pain free again - and I apreciate her following up to see how I'm doing! I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking relief from muscle, tendon and joint pain."


"Hands down the most professional and caring staff I have encountered. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone!"


"Dr. N completely changed my life after my car accident. I had horrible whiplash and could barely move my neck or arms without extreme pain and numbness into my fingertips. After only 3 sessions I had zero pain...Thank you Dr. N, I owe you my life literally. Best physical therapist in Jupiter no doubt!"


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